JasonSparksLive – Seamus O’Reilly, Brogan Reed

Brogan invites the furry ginger, Seamus, to his Nashville room for some hot, on-camera action. Seamus has no problem talking about sex or what he likes, giving Brogan a clear map as to how to get him off! The smooth muscle jock loves feeling his guest’s hands grope his chest and crotch, getting him rock hard as they make out side by side… Brogan is pleased to see the carpets match the drapes, finding a hot, fiery bush surrounding a massive, thick cock! The two sixty-nine each other, sucking on their throbbing shafts as they build up a passionate, sexual desire to breed. Seamus rides Brogan’s cock like a pro, feeling as it slides bareback into his hole and fucks him deep. Brogan loves seeing Seamus stroke his thick piece, eager to see it burst with a big load over his hot ginger body!



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