HungYoungBrit – Danny Dyer lookAlike Double Penetrated

Two aggressive tops fuck up Danny dyers little brother LOL – His name is actually Danny as well but there not related 🤫
WE actually Double Fuck him ‼
And remember Jamies is 9” brov –
I take this skinny n Hung lad in the loo🚽
to get him to 👀 ya his dick!
FUCK ME MAN – its Gigantic🍆 and rock hard as he pulls it out of his trackies – 🤩what a sight! 🤩His got such a sexy tone body on his as well
we wet💦 up our dicks there n then to go upstairs to fuck mikes pal
☑️ You wanna see this friend of mikes – he really acts sounds and looks spiting image of Danny Dyer -SO SO SEXY (his the pub landlord in Eastenders)
Me and Big Dick Jamie and got him stood up, one of us is holding is head down and distracting him whilst the other is working his dick up that fit chavs arse
then.. ♻️spinning him round Taking turns 🔂 – he wasn’t even got his clothes off LOL his Oozing with pre cum which makes it even hotter ♨️
🛏️ He gets Throw over the bed n we get it right up the sexy cunt. Fucking pushing our bare cocks in his bum hole and poking around knowing my mates pre cum has been fucked up there😈
WOW – I can’t believe it !
This lad, mikes friend fucking loved being fed 2 cocks at once – your gonna 💙 the look on with face – its proper hot ✂️This one long and jam packed Fuck Fest – you will be proud of me, I lasted till 20 mins without cumming !!
BUT I gotta say,👀 that tremendous beefy Dick fucking away at at that boy got me well off👍 – I make sure to spunk it directly onto that enormous cock whilst Jamies is still inside the lad for extra lube 💧
Mike can’t hold the cum any longer and spunks one in his mouth – He cums so much you know – His actually a ‘heavy cummer’
We wanna try DP more but everyone always chickens out If anyone can take two dicks at once then message us pls x xx George