– Jake Olsen, Marcel Boyle


Jake Olsen and his incredible twink cock are always in need of a friend to have some BoyFun with, and he never has to look too far to find exactly that. He’s enjoying a walk in the woods with equally adorable little Marcel Boyle, but with a little kiss the two know they need to get back to the hotel to properly enjoy themselves.

As soon as we arrive back there the two young lovers are making out on the couch, their hands groping for hard young cock, the boys revealing their smooth and slight bodies for each other.

Jake shows his cock appreciation the moment his pale friend’s delicious inches are revealed from his pants, licking and slurping the wet length and making it dribble even more precum.

His own amazing dick is soon out for Marcel to enjoy, his fat swollen helmet bulging, his foreskin bunched up tightly behind. Like everyone, Marcel loves the taste of that dick, but he loves the feel of it in his naked hole even more.

Jake takes a moment to enjoy a little sexy foot fun, sucking Marcel’s toes and licking his soles, but soon enough he’s plunging his raging twink cock between those smooth cheeks and pumping his bareback shaft in and out of his blond friend with skilled thrusting.

Marcel is clearly no slouch, the moment he gets the chance he’s taking a ride on that cock, impaling his pucker on the bulging rod and bouncing on his pal’s warm meat, his own cock still bouncing with the need to cum.

Finally fucked on his back the smooth boy is given his wish. Jake’s fat tip pumps up against his prostate to make his dick spew fresh cream over himself, a mess soon doubled when Jake pulls out to wank off a thick load on the boy’s chest.

Hotel romps can be a lot of fun, especially when you have such a gorgeous and horny friend to share a room with.


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