BadPuppy – James Jacob, Dilan Swanson


BadPuppy - James Jacob, Dilan Swanson 1

A shirtless, young Latino stud James Jacobs lies back on the bed pulling cute twink Dilan Swanson down on top of him. The two embrace in a deep, wet kiss prior to Dylan licking his way up and down James’ torso. Dilan unbuttons James’ pants and pulls them off. He jumps back on the bed and swallows every inch of James’ thick uncut cock. James leans forward and begins licking Dilan’s nipple and his rock-hard dick begins pulsating. He helps Dilan out of his clothes and then grasping Dilan’s balls in his hands he slowly works Dilan’s cock in and out of his mouth. Dilan’s cock gets even harder and thicker as he and James sixty-nine each other. James begins rubbing Dilan’s ass with his hand and as he lightly slaps Dilan’s tight butt-cheek he tells Dilan that he’d really like to fuck him. Dilan kneels over the bed and James pushes his thick, uncut dick deep into Dilan’s ass. James starts power-fucking Dilan’s hole and does not let up the entire time. He rolls Dilan over, pushes his legs back and proceeds to fuck Dilan even faster. James is beyond excited and when he pulls out, he coats Dilan in a thick load of creamy, white jizz. Dilan grabs hold of his thick, uncut piece of meat and whips up his own mess of gooey goodness just as James leans in to kiss him one last time.