TwinkTop – AUSTIN YOUNG TOPS DIRECTOR STEELE: TOP TRYOUT – Austin L Young, Dallas Steele, Legrand Wolf

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Doctor Wolf has known Austin for quite a while. During camp physicals Austin has shared much of his sexual history, even his hopes for his sexual future! Doctor Wolf has taken a special interest in seeing Austin achieve his goals, and offers him some special instruction… Austin didn’t have any idea what Doctor Wolf had in store for him, but when he arrived, he found the tall doctor was eager to hear more about Austin’s desire for topping. Austin was still getting used to the role, having spent his entire sexual life taking cocks from bigger, older guys. But he can’t help needing to scratch that itch! Doctor Wolf surprises Austin with camp Director Steele, for the young boy to train with. Austin can’t believe his good fortune, eager to fool around with the hot, silver fox of a muscle daddy!



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