TwinksinShorts – Steve Hard, Lewis Bright

Sharing a rare quiet moment together, hunky Steve Hard and twink Lewis Bright get intimate as they run their hands all over each other. Clearly excited by Lewis’ young tight body, Steve wastes little time in stripping the twink of his clothes. Steve then gets his hands slippery with oil and gets to work, massaging Lewis’ legs, ass, and back. Steve pays special attention to his twink buddy’s sweet round ass, fingering the crack and stroking his cock and balls. When Steve flips tattooed Lewis onto his back we’re treated to a view of that sweet, juicy uncut twink dick as Steve rubs his hands all over Lewis, expertly jerking him off. Steve, who obviously knows how to give a good handjob, takes his time playing with Lewis, massaging the big fat cock and cum-filled balls as he edges Lewis closer and closer to climax. And when Lewis comes, he lets loose with a thick, oozing torrent of jizz that spills from the head of his cock in a mouth watering fashion. You’ll be smacking your lips by the time this one is over!


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