TickledHard – James’ Tickle Torture


Franco secures James to the tickling table with lots of rope and tickles him in the armpits and upper ribs. It quickly becomes apparent that James is much more ticklish than he thought! Franco gently tickles James’ neck with his beard, then tickles his furry bellybutton. He snakes up under James’ cycling shirt and tickles his sides hard, making him howl with laughter. James’ face turns red and he glistens with sweat as the torture continues. Franco holds James’ size 12 sneaker over his nose and mouth, forcing him to breathe in the smell while he tickles his ribs. Franco tickles James’ feet with a big brush, then stuffs his sock in his mouth. James whimpers and twitches as Franco continues the foot tickling procedure. To enhance the experience, Franco puts a bit gag in James’ mouth and blindfolds him. James’ moans and muffled cries fall on deaf ears as Franco moves from one ticklish spot to the next. He tickles James deep in the ribs with his lubed up fingers and lightly on the neck with a feather before reaching into his cycling shorts and tickling his inner thigh. Franco rubs James’ stiffening cock then pulls the spandex shorts off and plays with James’ butt. James jerks his dick, and as soon as he orgasms, Franco gives him a last hard tickle on the ribs.