LatinLoads – Leo-ing And Xavier


LEO ING is a top we can all learn a lot from.

He’s a lean, sexy fuck-machine who knows how to make a grown man whimper with pleasure. He starts with his tongue, teasing the fuckhole until it’s juicy and pouty. Once that hole is sloppy with spit, LEO gets down to business, working his perfect cock in (it has a gentle upturned curve that strokes that sweet spot every bottom knows so well), deeper and deeper until balls meet butt and life is good.

LEO explores every position, always watching his mate’s face. He loves to see that almost confused look of helpless pleasure that his cock is causing. Arrogant? Sure, but why not? When a man knows his craft as well as LEO, he deserves to be just a little bit in love with himself.



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