GrowlBoys – THE MONSTER – Sacrificial Lamb – Part 3


Alex watched as Cole drank from the chalice. The boy’s lips pursed to the edge, taking in his essence with each passive gulp. Alex could see his face relax as it worked its way through his system, making him docile and ready for what was to come next.

Cole looked around at the faces on the walls, seeing their ancient eyes glow just before long, pink, smooth tentacles emerged from their orifices. Alex watched with patient delight as the muscular probes slid closer and closer. Their elegant gliding motion as they answered the call of their caretaker was mesmerizing.

Alex felt the familiarity of the moment wash over him, filling him with a sense of power and purpose. For millennia he had cared for this hungry creature, one of the most ancient members of the Theban race. His position demanded that he tend to scylla’s needs without hesitation…


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