CollegeBoyPhysicals – CBD In Me – Bruno Cox, Austin Grant


There were a ton of flyers on campus about the clinics new CBD dispensary so I thought I’d pay em a visit in the hopes that CBP could help with my anxiety. I’d been taking prescription medication but, I just rather go the natural way so I crossed my fingers. Dr. Grant explained the benefits and features of CBD and I was instantly sold. Unfortunately, with just having enough to buy ramen and the occasion snacks, I explained to him that I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on it and hoped that it was free. Well folks, nothing’s free in this world but, he did strike a deal with me. Seems that Dr. Grant likes sucking off young jock type guys so heck..he’s a good lookin’ dude so I was down for it. It’d been a while since I sucked some dick, his salty manly taste reminded me of the last time I hooked up and Dr. Grant really knows how to give an awesome blow job! So it’s a win win; blowjobs for free CBD who could ask for anything better.



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