BoyGusher – Handsfree Baby – James Dawn, Calhoun Sawyer


One underappreciated benefit of self-driving cars, you and your passenger get to fuck en route! That’s exactly what Calhoun Sawyer and James Dawn realize as they lounge in the back seat and make out, Calhoun ass naked as James goes down on him. James sucks Calhoun’s fat cock, getting him hard as they cruise along, and Calhoun returns the favor, wrapping his lips around James’s sweet meat and big balls.

Calhoun bends James over in the back seat and gives him a rimjob before putting his cock in that ass instead! Moaning as Calhoun goes deeper, James gets his ass fucked raw and hard, getting taken in every position they can manage in such a tight space. As James rides Calhoun’s prick, they both cum hard, shooting nice thick loads before sitting back to catch their breath as the traffic speeds past!



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