CollegeBoyPhysicals – Stretching It Out – Bruno Cox, Austin Grant


I was so happy I was randomly selected for a stronger formula for CBD. It’s the kind that works through the skin so I was a little skeptical at first but when he applied the oil to my wrist I immediately felt a tingle in my crotch. I just thought it was psychological but low and behold I was sporting an instant hard on! He said that the formula had an aphrodisiac effect. Of course Dr. Grant wasted no time in assisting my “discomfort” by inserting my rock hard cock in his mouth and ferociously sucked on it. I figured it would help but it just made me even more hornier. His diagnosis was the best way to get it down was to insert it in his warm tight butt hole.

The second I stuck it in I felt an instant relief..I knew this was gonna work! His velvety hole gripped my rod and made the sensation so much better. The harder I pumped the harder he wanted it. I pounded his ass so hard his load flew out of his prick like white bullets of cum! My load was equally impressive as it shot all over his glistening belly. I’d say that the experiment was a smashing success.



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