– Skipping College For Daddy – David Lee, Jacob Dolce

When David Lee walks into his apartment, the last thing he expected was his stepson, Jacob… and dressed as a tiger, no less! David quickly gets off his phone call and asks Jacob why he’s not in school. But the man soon gives up his questioning, as he is very glad to see his little boy. Then David realizes Jacob wants something his son shouldn’t be asking for. At least, not from his stepdad. David can’t resist, and after feeling up his son… and making him promise not to tell mommy… the two get into some mutual cocksucking that will have you drooling. Jacob then undresses his Daddy. Surprised, but obviously enjoying himself, David asks Jacob what he wants next. The boy kneels on a nearby chair, and David can no longer fool himself. His son needs Daddy’s cock as much as David desires Jacob’s furry little ass. With their guilt cast aside, if there ever was any, Daddy and son take a step they can never return from. They give in to their desire and fuck like lovers, possessed by an all-consuming taboo lust. Eventually, Jacob straddles Daddy and fucks himself until he blows a huge load. Then Daddy truly starts pumping, slamming into his boy deep and hard until he blows an even bigger load, which Jacob delightfully savors.



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