GrowlBoys – Stripes – CHAPTER 1 – Hippodrome


The STRIPES series follows Daniel, a horny boy who has been waiting his whole life for the chance to get out into the world and experience all the sexual fantasies he’s had since he started jerking off.

He’d always seen in movies and porn how hot the public showers and locker rooms were at the gym, so he did his research and found the cruisiest one he could find to join.

Once inside, he’s amazed by the facilities, eager to get in and work up a sweat. He sees more hot bodies than he ever imagined, even catching glimpses of people fooling around!

Still a virgin and unsure of the protocol, he thought he’d just slip in, work out, eye the scene, and then maybe explore more on another visit.

But as he’s getting into his gear, he catches the eye of a man in a shower stall. He tries not to stare, but as he gets a better look, he can see that he’s being fucked! He’s seen some of this behavior already, but what really shocks him was seeing that that man had horns coming out of his head!



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