ChaosMen – Basil & Lorenzo RAW


As soon as Basil appeared on the site, Lorenzo sent me a quick text saying he would love to fuck around with him.

Basil had just shot with Vander, so while I had him here, Lorenzo popped over to the studio to do a flip-fuck with Basil.

Basil was definitely relieved to not have to try to take such a thick cock, and these two guys really go at it with gusto.

Lorenzo fucks Basil first, and immediately you could see he was loving being fucked. Lorenzo straddles him doggie-style and really goes in deep.

They changed positions with Lorenzo on his back, letting Basil really fuck Lorenzo hard. A couple times, Lorenzo had to move Basil’s hand away from jerking him so as to not cum too soon.

Basil stops so Lorenzo can clean his cock. Lorenzo then pushes Basil down onto his back to fuck him with his legs in the air. Basil keeps flexing his quads, making it more of a challenge to fuck the cum out of Basil.

So, they switch it up again, this time with Lorenzo bent over the bedside and Basil ramming his ass.

Lorenzo wasn’t sure he could cum in this position. Surely, this couldn’t be the first time he had the cum fucked out of him in doggie-style position?

Lorenzo is really focusing on cumming. He tries a couple times to get himself close to cumming and then go ‘hands-free’ but his nut stayed right on the edge of cumming out.

Meanwhile, Basil is fucking the hell out of Lorenzo, and he ends up cumming first. He pulls out as he is cumming, allowing two spurts to shoot out, then dumps the rest inside of Lorenzo.

Then it was a race! Basil’s cock going down, along with his energy loss after just nutting, he really ramps up and fucks Lorenzo until he cums. It’s hot seeing jizz rain down while Basil fucks his cummy hole.

Like a good boy, Lorenzo cleans Basil’s cock as a thank-you for doing such a great job making him cum!
13 Jan



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