BringMeABoy – Alex Axel, Dominik Black


Dominik has come to visit his stepdad, Alex, and after the long trip, he takes a shower but leaves the door open. Alex can’t resist and gropes himself as he watches his slender little guy. And Dominik, who has wanted to be fucked by the large man ever since his mother first brought him home, doesn’t bother to hide his desire. Both know what the other wants, and mom isn’t there. There’s nothing to keep them from going behind her back. Dominik worships Dad’s beercan cock as best he can, but it’s just too big. Alex fucks the kid’s face and crams more dick into the boy’s mouth, but his son’s mouth is too small. What else is a Dad supposed to do? Alex spit-lubes his son’s little ass and bareback fucks the pink starburst, right there on the kitchen counter. Alex takes complete ownership of Dominik, body, and hole. After a while, Alex lays on the floor, and his favorite boy goes for a ride. He impales himself and takes every inch of Daddy’s large and incredibly thick cock. And as he spews fresh young seed all over the floor, Dominik rocks himself on his Dad’s cock, only to be rewarded minutes later with the man’s seed… straight down his throat.



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