BadPuppy – Thyle Knoxx


BadPuppy - Thyle Knoxx 1
Thyle Knoxx backs up onto the ladder and pulls down his pants. His huge, uncut cock springs to life. He grabs it and begins stroking. Thyle turns around on the ladder, bends over and spreads his ass wide as he slaps his ass-cheeks. He licks one of his fingers and slides it up his ass. He licks more fingers and soon all of them are being used to loosen his tight hole. Our producer walks over and hands Thyle a fully lubed-up black dildo. With a smile on his face Thyle leans onto the ladder and shoves the dildo up his ass. It goes in easily and soon Thyle is pushing it in and out at a feverish pace. His cock is now rock-hard and he goes back to working it with his free hand while the other maneuvers his dildo deeper into his hole. Thyle turns around and sits down on the ladder with the dildo being used as the seat. It hits that magical spot deep inside him and Thyle just can’t hold back anymore. His dick begins oozing precum everywhere and with a little more coaxing his cock erupts, spewing thick globs of white jizz all over his leg and the floor below.