MilitaryClassified – SHEPHERD 2


Today I’m bringing back baby faced Shepherd and today its not just a simple blowjob he’s after, no no, today Shepherd is taking the plunge and getting his straight dick wet in a tight little smooth brown hole that looked slightly appealing to Shepherd…so he says. Watch as Rob gets Shepherd’s cock up Rob’s ass without Shepherd even lifting a finger.
Shepherd is quite a virgin at all this and the blowjob started the way they all usually do and it didn’t take a lot of effort on my part because before Shepherd’s cock was out it was rock hard busting through his shorts. I squeezed it and it only became harder almost like a defense mechanism protecting itself. I immediately began sucking his cock and boy was I in for a treat.
It didn’t take very long to get this boy riled up and before long he was pretty much glued into TV monitor watching the porn as I began to position my ass over his cock getting ready to sit down on that lead pipe and it took a few tries before I eventually got it in there and in a somewhat consistent manner. The look on Shepherd’s face was something to behold and the more I bounced on his cock the more enthralled he became with my work and not so much with the TV porn.
Next I switched up the position and rode him cowboy style backwards so I wouldn’t have to embarrass him by having to look at me while a guy rode his dick. Not something he was aspiring to do in life but here he is and the most confusing part, “it feels so good” . I must have rode Shepherd to the high heavens because he was definitely loosing ground and was ready to bust his nut.
I side saddled him for the finale and he was worn out almost completely as I bounced on his cock and viciously attacked it engulfing the whole thing balls deep as Shepherd was now ready to spread his seed and Rob was in full control of it. In his ass, outside of his ass, back inside his ass… It’s like a maze!