MilitaryClassified – MONTGOMERY 3


Today I’ve brought back a model I’ve developed a little crush on, MONTGOMERY! Yes this hot muscular straight boy has given me the go ahead to not only give him a massage on the professional table but also worship his feet as well as that ass of his and rim that hole clean. Watch as I break down this stud and give him an award winning blowjob that ends up in a nice pile of gooey goop!
When Montgomery arrived to the studios I had the table already set up and before we got started shooting, Montgomery shared with me that he’s never had his ass eaten and wasn’t sure he would be able to handle it. When I mentioned how much extra he would be making by doing this, he cleared his throat and er, well, maybe i can just concentrate on the porn and give this a try. Quelle surprise!
Soon enough Montgomery was on the massage table on his stomach and every beautiful part of the back of his body was on display including that furry ass. I started with the massage at the top and did his shoulders and arms then made my way down his wait and back. Now I think Montgomery was thinking this was sorta a massage but more sex but I do everything to the 10’s and Montgomery asked for another massage after the shoot, legitimate one!
Next I moved to his feet and began slowly and meticulously taking his big toe first then sucking my way down his piggies until I made my way to the back of his foot and literally licked the bottom of his heels. What a foot job! I doubled my efforts on his other foot and Montgomery was silent… I think he enjoyed the foot job more than the ass rim BUT I digress.
In the end Montgomery was no match for the ole master and Rob wasn’t no time making his way to his cock and began to suck that boy like there was no tomorrow. Montgomery laid back and began to shift back and forth completely oblivious to the porn on the monitor and warned me he was about to cum. I swallowed every drop of that sucker and his body shivered in sweat when we were done!