CumPigMen – Hot Sucker in the Kitchen – Bryson Belair, Gavin Winters


Horny little Asian sucker Gavin Winters is hungry in the kitchen but it ain’t for the cooking. Bryson Belair’s cock is on the menu and it looks fucking tasty. The lean shaved stud with the hairy crotch and ass is busy plowing his big up-curved piece into Gavin while he holds the hot bottom’s head. Thick gobs of saliva are dripping from Winters’ lips and chin as he goes happily about the task.

“You’re just so fuckin’ GOOD!” exclaims Bryson as he fucks in deep. He grabs a corner of the kitchen wall to brace and starts pummeling his prick into Winters, who only occasionally stops to nibble his hot top’s swinging nuts. Cum-hungry Gavin kneels with his mouth gaping as Bryson beats off, filling it with a fresh splattering batch of sweet hand-whipped cream.