CumPigMen – Gavin Gets A Thoatful of Desiderio


Asian cocksucker Gavin Winters is already on his knees getting his throat rammed full of Desiderio Diaz’ XL brown cock. Gavin’s booty is out of his shorts and a nice little visual stimulus for a top like Desi. But the hot little bottom’s wet, juicy mouth is the main event. Desiderio strokes his dick a few times and slides it back into that talented gullet.

Gavin pulls away to catch his breath and Desiderio fingers his hole. He sits while Gavin grabs around his cheeks to get a better angle, taking the stiff rod down to the fuzzy pubes. Desiderio’s getting close, holds a hank of Gavin’s hair while he drives his meat in. Licking his lips when Gavin slurps on his nuts. He can’t hold back as Gavin wags his ass in front of him, splatters his load over the hot little Asian’s crack.



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