BlakeMason – Bob Steel, Koby Lewis


Koby and Bob are both really popular boys, and it’s easy to see why. We haven’t seen Koby for a while, so we’re certainly glad to see him back, and with such a hot friend to play with too! Koby is a greedy guy, he can’t wait to get on that long cock and give young Bob some deep sucking. Watch him tease and lick before diving right down on it! His cock gets plenty of juicy loving in return, of course, with young Bob showing off his own oral skills before easing his meaty tool between Koby’s cheeks and giving him what he came for. Bob totally dominates, thrusting up into his new buddy in every position, pinning him down and fucking him from behind until he’s got Koby on his back and he’s making the lad splash semen out over himself. If you doubt Bob had a great time in his arse, just watch the big load he spews out all over the lucky guy!


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