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High School Coach Jim! Muscle Butt Father of 2, Poses, Pumps Iron, Pees, Opens Hole & Explodes in the Mountains!

Coach Jim is a real All American Norwegian High School Football & Wrestling Coach in Oregon, a Father of 2, who was encouraged by his Wife to model nude and jerk off today for the very FIRST TIME on camera,  nervously exposes his many talents: strips out of his “coaching clothes” revealing his recently sun kissed muscle body, lowers his super tight Diesel undies to moon the camera revealing his bright red sunburnt bubble butt,  proudly poses and flexes his big biceps and ripped upper back muscles, strokes his long cock into a towering belly slapper as his solid pecs bounce up and down as he jerks, instructs us in a full nude gym workout session on the deck in the sun,  first pumping up his big biceps and then turning his muscle butt to the camera to adjust the weights and perform bent over rows with his big cum filled balls dangling between his open hairless ass crack, takes a Loud Powerful Piss in an orange bucket, repeatedly shows off his armpits, before sitting in a chair outdoors beside the forest for a long sweaty jerk off session, shakes and quakes releasing an amazing full body orgasm as he busts a creamy load of Coach Sperm, before taking a hot soapy shower again opening his muscle butt cheeks a second time, as he cleans his sweaty manhole, all for the first time on film in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs.  Image watching Coach Jim. all wet and soapy, showering in the locker room with the High School Football Team he coaches! What a high school locker room fantasy!  This real University Football jock attended ASU in Tempe, Arizona before moving to the Pacific Northwest to become a full time Coach and Personal Trainer. We spotted Big Daddy Jim, at a public nudist beach, FULLY NUDE, beside a river, instructing his young daughters, age 2 and 3, how to toss and catch a Junior Size Football –  while his Wife relaxed in a beach chair watching her family play. What a sexy, open minded young Daddy enjoying the sun and naked sports with his family out in public! This is why we love the Pacific Northwest of the USA! Listen to Coach Jim, tell the story of how I approached his Wife and asked HER if she would mind if her husband, Jim, modeled nude for Island Studs! Her response is priceless! He describes the whole encounter in detail! When Daddy Jim arrives for this, his first ever photo shoot, he can not hide how nervous he actually is. 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