BaitBuddies – Bait: Alex Meyer Straight: Jason Steymos

Alex Meyer is back and so is his big beautiful dick! As a matter of fact, he’s at the studio in search of a cock that is as big as his or even bigger! Caruso just so happened to have a big cock stud coming in today so he told Alex to stick around and see if they can make this happen… Jason Steymos is the guy Caruso had coming in for an interview and he was a perfect pairing for Alex. Jason was born and raised in Miami so that makes him a true Florida Native! But, it’s what’s in this sexy guy’s pants that will leave your mouth watering. Jason is packing a thick and uncut cock that is definitely above average! He says it’s 8 inches but we think it’s time that he measures that monster again because it looks a lot larger! Caruso tells both guys to stroke their cocks to make sure that they can get hard and stay hard while he pretends to go check on the female talent. He returns and breaks the news that no girl will be showing up today but if they want to shoot a gay for pay scene instead, then he can double their pay! Jason seemed a little unsure but when Caruso asked him if he ever thought about being with another guy, he said that he thought about it when he was younger and that he would be willing to give it a shot today! With that information, Caruso stepped back and told both guys to go at it!

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