MilitaryClassified – KINGSLEY 3

KINGSLEY has made a relatively big splash here at MC and i have been getting a lot requests to make sure I keep this one in rotation so today He’s back and a blowjob is something Kingsley doesn’t get a lot of back home so when Rob offered the bj he also convinced Kingsley to get his feet worked over by the master… I got it all on tape.
Kingsley is not a big guy and in fact he’s a smaller frame but thick enough in the right places that gives him that studly factor. He’s quiet and mild, smiles a lot and always is tugging on his dick. Today I have Kingsley on the bed and I’m going to please all my foot fetish fans and give this boy’s feet a work over. No sooner did I start doing this that Kingsley began tugging on his dick and within minutes he was rock solid 6 inches.
After I finished worshipping his feet I made my way up to that beautiful uncut desert that Kingsley was keeping cool while I worked below but once I made my way up, I was only to happy to begin the tedious work of discharging this sleeping giant. I can easily deep throat so guys are typically surprised at the maneuver and Kingsley was no exception. Watch his facial expression as I made my way through the bj and take a look at how Kingsley is sometimes dumbfounded.
I began to increase my speed with which I was attacking Kingsley’s cock and he began to show signs of wearing down. I could see that he was starting to look at what I was doing more and more and less on the porn on the TV monitor. I sucked faster and harder, going balls deep which just drove Kingsley crazy and I knew we were headed for delivery.
Kingsley began to shift in his position back and forth becoming more and more tense as he began grabbing me, the blanket, the bed.. something that he could grip to hold onto as he went screaming down this ride. No sooner than he gave me the warning, that he began to deliver a load that I could barely keep up with but immediately took it down for the team! every single drop! Sorry guys!