CollegeBoyPhysicals – Burning For You – Michael Allens, Zach Stevens


I was enjoying my lunch when I got called to tend to a first degree burn victim. Apparently, he burned himself during chemistry class with a Bunsen burner. Mikey Allens seems to be in quite a bit of pain so I knew I had to address it immediately. As I clean his wound and apply a collagen dressing pad and petrolatum based bandage to help heal and soothe. As I dressed his burn with the final gauze wrapping I noticed he had another pressing issue in his pants. Luckily for him I have a soft spot for skater dudes. His cock got instantly hard the second I put it in my mouth. He was also more than excited to return the favor. It didn’t take long for him to reveal his true intentions….a rectal injection and I was more than happy to obliged. His tight ass swallowed my dick like quicksand! I love hearing str8 boys beg and moan for more dick…and Mikey sure seemed to like it.



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