BelAmiOnline – Ryan McKenna, Bruce Querelle

Today’s scene with Ryam McKenna and Bruce Querelle has many things going for it. A charming but brief introduction, 2 guys at the peak of their physical beauty (and for the anti-shavers, lots of natural bush) and sex that is at the same time intense, relaxed and tender.
Bruce’s eating of his buddies ass is aparticular highlight, and obviously something that really turns on both guys and leads to some sensual and deep fucking. Director Marty Stevens also has done an excellent job here in balancing the mood of the scene with the lighting and camerawork.

Although we don’t translate during sex, there is a nice moment when Ryan asks Bruce to fuck him harder and Bruce replies ‘Are you ready to cum, as I won’t be able to hold back any longer’ and Ryan’s only answer is ‘Don’t worry about that and fuck me harder’.
12 Oct




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