WilliamHiggins – Street Hunting – Petr Ugan RAW

The Street Hunter is on the prowl again, in the park. He encounters Petr Ugan who is sitting on a bench. Using the being lost scenario the hunter asks directions and Petr answers, being curious too about the camera. Petr shows the guy where he needs to go, but instead of leaving the hunter then starts to discuss seeing Petr naked, and the offer of money soon turns the reticent Petr into a compliant model. Petr removves his shirt and lowers his pants to show his soft cock. From there it is simple to offer more money for things to go further. That starts with Petr’s cock and balls being felt . The street hunter is feeling horny and offering more money he suggests Petr suck him. Although not sure Petr acquiesces when the money is offered and is soon sucking on the rock hard cock. He does it like a natural , licking the shaft and around the head as he sucks. That big cock is rock hard as Petr’s head works it so well. Then comes the suggest of that cock in Petr;s ass. Again it is the offer of more money that does the trick and Petr’s pants are soon down and he bends to take that big cock in his ass. It pushes deep into his hot hole and starts to fuck. That sexy ass is pounded hard as the big dick works in and out. Petr then gets naked and lays on his back wanking his cock as the big dick bangs his hole some more. With his hole being fucked hard Petr’s wanking soon has his cock shooting the creamy cum. He keeps wanking to milk it dry as his hole is stretched wide and fucked deep. Then the hunter’s cock pulls out and is wanked to unload the cum onto Petr’s balls.