WilliamHiggins – Emir Macak – EROTIC SOLO

Emir Macak is aged 24 and lives in Klatovy. He is an acrobat who enjoys sports, soccer and fitness. He looks very good as he sits on the training bench and does his interview. As can be expected from an acrobat he looks as though he has a fit, lithe, body. After his interview this very hot gay guy sits on the floor and follows directions, to take off his shirt. They he neatly tucks his feet behind his head and swings his body back and forth, standing on his hands. He demonstrates so much more agility and flexibility too, It is just amazing. Then Emir coyly removes his jeans, cupping his cock and ball.. He has to show them, though, when he does the splits. With his back to the camera he gives a wonderful view of his spread ass with his upper body poked between his legs. Then he sits on the bench and starts to wank his cock. With his cock nice and hard Emir lifts his legs to show off his ass hole again. He rubs that hot hole with his fingers. Then he uses his hands to spread that sexy ass even further. Standing up he bends over with one foot on the bench so he can look back through his legs whilst wanking and showing off that sexy ass. Then Emir sits on the bench again and wanks that cock until he shoots his hot cum onto himself. He uses a hand to smear the creamy cum all over his body before going to take a shower.