TickledHard – Javy D Tickled


23-year-old straight Puerto Rican and Cuban hunk Javy D only met Franco recently and already finds himself on the tickling table. From the first feathery whisp, it’s clear that Javy is super ticklish. He breaks into a huge smile and laughter comes pouring out as Franco tickles him in his armpits and between his big, muscular legs. Screwing his face up, Javy tries to talk his way through the tickle torture, but that doesn’t stop Franco. He takes his time exploring Javy’s ticklish spots, moving from one side to the other with his probing fingers and tickly feather. Franco gets Javy to the bargaining stage before he even starts on his size 9 1⁄2 feet. Jackpot! Javy’s feet are insanely ticklish! He uses all the force in his legs to try to escape Franco’s foot tickling, twisting his ankles and folding his body however he can. When Javy can’t seem to take any more, Franco promises him a break, only to come back and munch on his soles and toes. Franco’s soft, ticklish beard hairs drive Javy nuts, and then the prickly brush head comes out. After some crazy foot tickling, Javy seems totally broken down. Franco then uses his lubed fingers to go from tickling to jacking, then torturing Javy’s sensitive cock after he cums. When Javy begs Franco to go anywhere else than his dick, Franco listens…and goes right back to tickling Javy’s feet, with his cum!