SwinginBalls – YOUNG HAIRY BALLS – Zander


Meet Zander our newest model. He’s tall lean and young with all the sexy man parts we love! Big nice wide feet with toes you just want to lick but don’t stop there, the legs are long and hairy, then as we move up the balls are naturally hairy and hangin in a way you want to lick and suck, plus that cock hanging there ready to get hard. Don’t stop yet the abs and chest will let your imagine run wild, until you get to his hairy arm pits and worked out muscled up arms. But Fuck them light blue eyes will call you in for the kill!

He lets us know that he loves to please both sexes and finds pleasure in giving his partner what they want! Daddies are a favorite because they know how to care for a young guy. He’s played a lot of sports in his days in high school being the best that he could be in each sport! The out door sports of camping hiking and fishing are also enjoyments of his.

With all of this at hand this stud lets us know that he’s here to make our day enjoyable. He doesn’t waist any time taking off the only item he has on that lean body! Off with the under ware and now it’s time to show off and please my daddies! He finds the lube and applies a plenty full supply of lube on his cock and balls, every so often brushing up against his hairy hole. He’s quick to let us know in his moaning and sexy country voice just how he loves showing off his cock and balls for us and just how good it feels as well. We get a close up show of just how nicely his hairy balls look as they get beatin when he’s jerking it hard and how nice they swing when lightly moving them around between your fingers! So close we could almost smell and taste his beautiful cock and balls!

He mixes it up several times as he gets his cock harder and harder always remembering to keep them balls in the stroking game as well. With lots of close ups and scanning his sexy body, as it got all wet from his hot masturbating we get to see one hell of a hot orgasm! He jerks his head back in pleasure and then watches as his cock spurts out several streams of his hot white cum all over the black sheets! He’s moaning and making noises of all kinds as he cums. Then after showing how proud he is of his work he himself admires it as well!