RaunchyBastards – Daddy Dick Makes Him Nut – Trevor Hardman, Clay


Every time I meet up with Trevor, we have a great time. He doesn’t live too close, so it’s always a pleasure to be able to help him out. This time was particularly nice, too. He’s not the smaller type of guy I usually go for, but he sure does have what it takes in the passion department. Once he and I are alone, it’s a sexual frenzy. Even though he doesn’t particularly like getting fucked, he is so submissive that his entire demeanor changes and you’d think he was doing it for free, even.

This time around, we met up and traded BJs before I got into some serious ass eating. Nothing better than 20 year old straight boy hole. I could have dug my tongue in there for hours, but alas, we moved on. Because no one ever fucks him but me, he is still tight as can be, and every time I need to loosen him up. The great thing is, though, that he stays rock hard usually while I’m up in there. And he usually cums while I’m fucking him, too. This time was no different. After I nutted, I stayed inside of him and kept pumping away until he finally let out a gusher. He definitely likes Daddy dick, indeed.