RaunchyBastards – Boys Just Messing Around – James Dawn, Ringo Bishop


This is a fun little clip that Toby filmed with two of my favorite teenagers, James Dawn and Ringo Bishop. James is an insatiable nympho and very kinky; although he claims to be straight, his boundaries are what I would call extremely fluid. Ringo, on the other hand, is a shy guy. Ringo has that fantastic high school wrestler body, with accompanying bubble butt and abs, that drives me crazy.

These two got thrown on a bed, just the two of them, to see what they would do. Well, it turns out they will both do pretty much anything as long as they are getting paid. Ringo takes a stab at fucking James, and each of them get lots of cock sucking in. My favorite part, though, is all of the rimming. Neither had rimmed another dude before, but they sure must have both had beginner’s luck, because with all the moaning and groaning those tongues were definitely getting a workout! My other favorite bit is the fact that Ringo keeps taking a peek at Jame’s cock. It is large, and uncut, and you can tell Ringo is completely desiring it. I knew he was gay.