MyDirtiestFantasy – The first pain Sc.2 Pt.2 – Noah Pierce, Titus Snow


Having been bareback fucked and abused once before by his masked master, Titus Snow, sweet Noah Pierce now knows who his captor is – but that doesn’t necessarily mean he knows what his master is up to! With his hands tied and fixed above his head, Noah’s first exercise of the new day is to endure his master’s beats with a whip, pegs on his body and a pinwheel torturing his gorgeous cock. But Titus seems to feel sympathy for his slave, and instead of torturing the boy even more, he first sucks his cock, then moves him to a bench; where he fixes his wrists and starts milking Noah’s growing and throbbing dick with a special climax glove, and later with a nice vibrator. Unable to touch his own hard-on, Noah’s orgasm is completely at his master’s mercy; and Titus, himself an experienced wanker, gives his slave one of the most intense orgasms he has ever had!