MilitaryClassified – KINGSLEY 2

KINGSLEY is back and this time Rob has convinced the Coast Guard Reserve to let Rob sit on his 6 inch uncut military cock. Watch as KINGSLEY takes control half way through the shoot and takes hold of me and rails it home! I think I may have found a star! Best of all I caught it all on tape! We’ll be seeing more of KINGSLEY count on it!
Kingsley is a mild mannered guy with boyish looks and a nice lean smooth body with a sprinkle of tattoos to make this package just right. Once I got the camera rolling I had him in a very comfortable position with his bare feet, shorts and t-shirt with an aroma that left me wanting more. I didn’t even get a chance to get his clothes off before I began licking and sucking those balls which drove Kingsley crazy as I made my way up to the shaft.
I was in a good rhythm as I blew this kid and he knew it. The looks on his face are incredibly hot and Kingsley tries hard to find the right reaction to give me without looking to pleased. I love how straight guys try to make it seem like it doesn’t feel that good, meanwhile their facial expressions and body are telling me a totally different thing.
Once I had Kingsley primed and ready, i made my way to the anal and side saddled this sucker like there was no tomorrow. Side saddle is the perfect way to introduce anal to a straight guy who has never done it. They don’t have to do anything basically but sit there and from there they begin to loosen up and take charge in some cases, as was the case with Kingsley.
Kingsley went to town from that seated position and I took it like a good boy without the normal screams i let out. I remained calm, quiet, and still as Kingsley delivered his manly fuck and so much so that he couldn’t hold out any longer and gave me the warning that he was about to cum… He pulls out literally as he’s nutting and blows this one inside and out… what a beautiful mess!