MilitaryClassified – CASH



Hey everyone! I’m so excited about today’s release that I couldn’t contain myself but today I get to let it all out! Meet CASH and he doesn’t take credit cards! pa rum pum! Today I’ve convinced this straight former Military man to let me buzz cut his hair naked with a boner and then let me suck that 9 inch weapon drip dry! yep drip dry! Watch as Rob easily takes this newbie to an orgasm that makes his foot tap like a tap dancer.
I met Cash on a website and we had a discussion regarding the kind of work I do and the money I offer and he was very open to listening. CASH is from Kentucky and has a little draw that I just LOVE! He’s tall, muscular, perfect amount of hair, and a face that anyone could love, especially his mother. When we arrived at my studios he settled into his room and I went into the bedroom to get my equipment ready for the shoot.
Once Cash filled out all the necessary paperwork, I took him to the bedroom and settled him onto the bed. He was wearing a baseball cap over a nice long set of strands.. so to buzzcut this stud was a fantasy of mine. Once the buzzcut was accomplished, it took Cash to the next level.. HOT! I couldn’t wait to roll cameras and get busy and that’s exactly what I did!
Cash has an amazing cock.. perfect in everyway and big… yes I said big.. 9 long and thick inches that I knew I needed asap! Once the cameras started rolling I knelt down in front of Cash and took that semi flacid cock and within minutes it became the monster from the deep! I could barely get that weapon around my lips but I sure as hell tried! I sucked this boy like i’ve never sucked a boy before and I knew that as the blowjob progressed, he was primed and ready with a 4 day load.
Soon I had Cash moaning and groaning.. yep he’s a loud one and unlike most models, he didn’t have a problem keeping his eyes on me and what I was doing. In fact, he would encourage me from the side lines and before long he was giving me the sign that he was ready to blow job wad.. I sped up the process and took it right up to the last second before he blew and he shot everywhere!