MilitaryClassified – ANTONIO 8


I get so many request for this straight boy who has definitely made the rounds and become one of G4P top performers in the industry! Although he’s quite the star now, he still manages to come visit me and deliver amazing performances that are unique to my website. Watch today and ANTONIO does what Antonio does best and looking every bit of amazing doing it! Enjoy this one guys!
Antonio looks amazing for his age and the dedication that he puts out for himself definitely shows when he walks through a door… even more notable when naked and walking through a door. His muscular body, just the right amount of body hair, dark, handsome and his dick… well that’s really the star of the show and Antonio knows it!
I started this scene like to do most scenes and I always take pleasure in giving Antonio head because this boy knows how to give me the reactions I need to know where we are in the scene. He’s professional, on time, workable and just a pleasure to work with so when I started sucking this boy to start of the video, I was all in!
Antonio’s cock was immediately rock hard and soon I had a healthy 8 inch uncut cock starring at me in the face and I only had one thing in mind at that point so I immediately turned around and sat on that monster and the look on Antonio’s face says it all. I teased and toyed with him which drove him crazy but it only prepared him for what was coming. Just as he was about to get in sync with my bounce. I jumped off and we positioned for doggie style on the bed and that’s where Antonio shines!
He knew exactly what he was doing and he teased my hole with the tip of his cock before he stuck it in little by little, knowing to be gentle at the start. Soon he was stepping up from a slow mild pump to a faster fuck and little by little he was taking his toll on my ass and squeezing his cock so hard that he couldn’t hold back the nut that he delivered and boy was that a nut! Antonio’s best!