GrowlBoys – MIDSEMESTER NIGHT’S DREAM – Filthy Animals



It was exhausting. Knowing that every moment outside of their little space meant having to pretend to be something and someone they weren’t took its toll. Oftentimes Matthew and Charlie would stay in their room, hardly going out, just spending time with each other. But they knew they had their entire college experience to live and their dorm was a poor substitute for the larger world.

Their day had begun like any other, the two boys got up and went to the showers to start their day. It was usually a boring routine as they brushed their teeth, showered, shaved, and prepared for their classes. But when they got to the dorm bathroom, they were stunned… No one was there!

It was usually occupied by at least two or three other men either using the urinals, showering, or getting ready in the mirrors. To their shock, it was just them.

Their excitement at the extension of their private space could hardly be contained as they quickly stripped down and jumped into a single shower stall. Their giddy laughter covered by the loud sound of running water. The air filled with thick, dense steam. Within minutes, the two boys were holding each other close under the hot spray from the shower head, feeling their bodies pressed against one another.

Matthew reached for the soap, slowly and carefully lathering up Charlie’s body. He’d felt it many times and even felt it wet from the pool. But this simple, intimate act made his heart flutter. The water ran over his hard, toned muscles, revealing their beauty as the white foam washed away. He looked up at Charlie who smiled back at him with total affection. If only every morning could start like this.

Charlie turned around for Matthew to get his backside. The blond boy started up on his shoulders, but his cock had grown too hard from the sensual lather to keep going. He pressed his cock up against Charlie’s ass, feeling it rest between his round, athletic cheeks. He looked around to his front and could see him sporting his own massive hard-on.

Matthew reached forward, taking it in his hand as easily as if it were his own. The boys’ bodies were practically open to each other, neither one ever questioning the touch or caress of one another. Matthew could feel Charlie’s manhood swell in his hand, stimulated by the warmth of the water and his lover’s grip. Soft, slow strokes continued as Charlie pressed his hips back, grinding up against Matthew’s crotch.

Matthew rested his head along Charlie’s neck, wanting to hold him close as he got him off. They knew their time was short before someone could walk in, but Matthew couldn’t resist the fantasy of fucking in the shower. He wanted to see Charlie cum and he wasn’t going to leave until he did.

He kissed his neck, licking his clean, wet flesh as he became more aggressive and determined in his handjob. Charlie braced on to Matthew, letting himself get lost in the feeling and the moment.

Matthew closed his eyes for a while as he focused on working Charlie’s shaft, listening to the soft grunts and moans he made as he attempted to stifle the sounds of his pleasure. But when Matthew heard a little yiff, he opened his eyes. He looked around to Charlie who now appeared to have a long, wet, furry snout with a shiny black, button nose. His ears, too, were pointed and dark, covered in animal hair. Charlie had transformed right there in the shower!

Matthew was surprised he hadn’t noticed, feeling his body close to him and having his most sensitive part in his palm. But he was happy to know that he was so turned on, the transition was a part of his enjoyment! Matthew kissed him, picking up speed as his cock was now even harder and bigger than before!

He could tell Charlie was close as his face scrunched up and his stomach tightened, trying hard to delay the inevitable. But Matthew knew how to work his cock like a code cracker! He’d spent so much time in bed with his lover that it was like turning a secret code on a combination lock that only he knew. With just the right enticing twists and strokes, and speed and tension; he watched with pleasure and pride as Charlie’s cock burst out as a massive load all over the tile wall of the shower.

The two boys basked in the glow of Charlie’s post-cum relaxation, kissing each other and holding each other, not wanting the moment to end. Sadly, the school was not keen on boys showering for excessive amounts of time. They were going to have to finish their shower and return back to the world of secrets. They soaped up, shampooed, and kissed a dozen or so more times before turning off the shower.