FunSizeBoys – MARCUS & DR. WOLF Chapter 1: Doctors Office


Marcus had heard about Dr. Wolf from some of his other short friends. The handsome doctor was known for specializing in young men with smaller bodies. Any search on local endocrinologists would have helped, but the word on the street was that he was a lot more “hands-on” than other medical professionals. Marcus was curious to check him out, leading him to make an appointment to see just how thorough the doctor could be.

As he sat in the waiting room, his mind raced about what he would be like. He’d seen his photo and knew what he looked like, but a lot was still a mystery. He also couldn’t be sure that the rumors would be true. It was his first time with him and he wasn’t sure what he could do or say. Before he could devise a plan, he was told to go into Dr. Wolf’s exam room.