FunSizeBoys – Austin & Big Ryan CHAPTER 2: Big Ryan’s Apartment – Austin L Young, Big Ryan


Big Ryan couldn’t wait to bring Austin back to his apartment. The tall daddy could practically fit Austin in his pocket as he snuck him off campus. Once alone and in the privacy of his home, Ryan knew he wanted Austin back on his thick cock again and again.

Austin dropped to his knees, eager to feel the titan fuck his face and fill his mouth with his big meat. Tears ran down his cheeks as he struggled to fit it in, choking on his massive shaft as it stretched his throat. Austin’s throat did what it could, but Ryan knew that it was his ass that could really withstand the pounding of a giant!

He slid his saliva-slicked cock between Austin’s cheeks, feeling it slide back where it was just earlier that afternoon. The boy’s hole was just as warm and tight as it was before, only now it was full of his seed. Austin moaned as his sore hole spread open once more, feeling the familiar sting of Ryan’s deep penetration.