CollegeDudes – Mateo Rose & Nick Milani


After making out and kissing that sweet mouth, Nick Milani pushes Mateo Rose onto the bed, pulling Mateo’s underwear off and taking that big cock in his mouth. Nick sucks on that dick, making it stand at attention as he runs his lips across it and then lies back to receive head from Mateo. Mateo goes down on Nick, tasting every inch of him as he sucks that sweet cock and then rims Nick’s tight hole before filling it up with his hard dick.

Mateo enters Nick slowly from behind as he lies face down on the bed, ass in the air and eager to get fucked as Mateo sheaths himself fully in that hole. Nick takes every inch of that dick that Mateo gives to him, letting himself get pounded hard before they flip and Mateo bottoms for Nick. And Nick is barely inside Mateo for more than a couple minutes before that hard cock is making Mateo bust a nut! He cums hard all over his face and across his abs and chest as Nick leans in for a quick taste before getting himself off, hot cum spurting from his pink cock!