CollegeBoyPhysicals – Vitamin Deficiency – Mason Ridge, Zach Stevens

I had been feeling sorta weak and tired so I went to the school clinic for a quick check up and they found I was low in nutrients.

I had never had an IV so I was nervous as fuck. The nurse prepped me and in two seconds I had a needle in my arm slow dripping the vitamin infused liquid. After 20 mins or so which felt like hours the nurse came back and removed the IV. I never felt so alive, full of energy, and in the mood to fuck.

Luckily, Nurse Stevens was also in the mood and was able to accommodate my horny needs. I sucked his dick like there was no tomorrow but still my hole was hungry for some cock. If it weren’t for his busy schedule I’m sure he woulda nailed me properly but not gonna complain about the awesome prostate massage he gave me. I might come back for more.