ClubAmateurUSA – CAUSA 672 Thatcher – Part 2


Every once in a while you meet an individual who is authentically & genuinely themselves – regardless of Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z. While he originates from a rural area of lower, Midwest state, I am loathe to refer to him as “country” because that infers simple or uneducated. Conversely, while Thatcher grew up in a much more conservative, small-town community, he & his bros were definitely open to sexploring & educating themselves in the ways of the broader world outside of their “country” environment. Thank you, Internet! Thatcher & I first interacted over a year ago, and at that time, he self-identified as straight. And here we are a little over a year later, and he’s sexplored & evolved enough to now refer to himself as bi. While I could write a novella regarding the political ramifications of where we are, States-side, in terms of the vanishing rural communities across the US, what is happening (thank the baybee geezus) is guys like Thatcher (as a result of their access to the Internet during their conservative, formative years) are leaving their homes & communities as soon as they come of age. I wonder what are the broader consequences of an exponentially shrinking “red” America? But yet, I digress… So, today on CAUSA (16 years after inception), we have a real-world example of a “country” boy who visited the “big city” & learned to love & accept his authentic, sexual self. Wonder why some are trying to legislate us into extinction? Never before in my 50 years have I known sexuality, sexual orientation, & gender to be more attacked. I say that because when the drag queens rioted at Stonewall in July 1969 (within days of my own birth), they began fighting for future civil rights. Today, we’re again fighting for civil rights – but to retain those that have already been legislatively given. This fight is more imperative than 50 years ago due to the fact that precedent is set when legislated rights are later taken away by the will of a minority. And for 16 years, outside of providing all of you authentic adult content based on the sexploration of self-identifying straight guys, ClubAmateurUSA has been about introducing every straight guy who slides onto the massage table to his authentic sexual self. As I stated over a decade ago in a blog post, I’m changing the world in which we live one straight guy at a time. After one sexperience on the table, every time a CAUSA guy dimples a hanging chad or slides into his church pew, he is a different man (whether he likes it or not or is willing to accept it or not) because of an hour on the table. Hopefully, that bodes well for us all in this fight, moving forward. And yet, once again, I digress… So, let’s talk about Thatcher. While now, a year later, he is openly accepting of his bi self, he’s still only approached it as the dominate partner (“top”). Well, that’s not really how it works on the ClubAmateurUSA massage table – ya gotta check, at my door, societal expectations of “normal” sexual behavior. This sexperience is all about embracing your authentic sexual being. Something tells me that Thatcher is ready to embrace.