ChaosMen – Lucius Solo

Lucius is a very open-minded straight guy. He is definitely into women, as his choice of videos to watch was specific (girls with big asses, preferably getting butt-fucked) but at the same time, was happy with the first one or two girls I put up for him. He did know all the porn girl’s names though, so I must have guessed right as to what he likes.

Although, he really didn’t pay much attention to the video until he wanted to cum. Lucius has done a solo and oral video before, so he was not too nervous, and you can tell he is a natural exhibitionist.

And with his hot body and that thick long cock, I can see why. His ass is amazing and he keeps it trimmed for cleanliness, but it always makes you wonder if he might like some anal attention.

He does like to rim girl’s asses, and I suspect he likes to be rimmed too.

Austin does a fantastic job on his solo, and his Serviced video next week is even better. I definitely want to get him back for full-on sex. Would love to see his cock hammering a dude’s hole. I will keep hinting though that his ass would feel really good getting fucked as well.

We will have to wait and see!
23 Sept