BoysHalfwayHouse – Opportunity Knocks – Malachi Rayne


It’s a rare and brave resident who actually tries to sneak out in the middle of the night without us catching on. Firstly, we have cameras and sensors everywhere. Secondly, every fucking one of these residents is a dishonorable snitch. But hell if it isn’t fun dealing with the shifty fuckers the next day! This guy is particularly sad, because he has had so many opportunities that others have not. He has a relatively stable home life, his record is minor, and he has an education and skills. Unfortunately, every time opportunity knocks, he doesn’t answer the door. Well, after his umpteenth offense, opportunity knocked again, and it knocked him right upside the face with two hard dicks. He now has an opportunity to be a jizz bucket.

After confronting him, he slowly swayed back and forth very nervously, but before he knew it he was on the ground with two cocks in his face. After a lengthy cock sucking session, my buddy skull fucked him on the bed while I played with his pink teenage hole. Then he was ready for the next level. As the junior House Manager stuck it in, I could tell this was gonna be a fun fuck (for us, of course). We spit roasted him in various positions, and I got my dick wet, too. He’s actually not a bad piece of fuck meat. Small and fit, he can ride a cock like a champ if he is scared enough. As an extra special grand finale, we both dumped our nuts right into his mouth and all over his face. I’d say it was an above average load for both of us, too. So here was poor little blondie all covered in cum, like the no good piece of trash that he is. His opportunities in life sure are growing more limited by the day.