BeefCakeHunter – Nailed by Beefcake Kane


Nailed by Beefcake Kane is the only way I can describe the amazing pounding this sexy mixed Black and Persian gave me!

While enjoying some amazing days in Miami, before Hurricane Dorian of course, Kane decided to wonder again at BeefCakeHunter Land to empty his balls sacks once again and make some extra bucks. Talking about balls, this sexy dude got some tasty par of balls that as you can see in this video, I spent a lot of time worshipping them…yummy!

I knew this would be an intense session, so I took the freedom to do some poppers, I hope you don’t mind my dear Hunters ;), as Kane did not mind when I played with chest and beard…

Most of you would agree with me that one of the best things of Beefcake Kane is his undivided attention to my servicing and that he shows how much he is enjoying it while in the BCH zone, and that got more intense when I deep throat him now and then, giving me a soft but sexy face fucking while I have his whole manhood inside my throat…

I should acknowledge it was a long blow job session before been Nailed by Beefcake Kane. No wonder he kept asking me what is obvious: do you like this dick? Helooooo…lol

Then when my man-pussy was wet enough lol, I got on my fours but not without first putting a condom on his cock and taking advantage of the moment to do some kissing to his sexy torso and nipples ?

The nailing begins slow but deep, then by the seconds go by, he switches his movements to fast, deep, rhythmic, then slow again. It was a roller-coaster of pleasure and as a good bottom, I moaned a lot, so I made clear to him that he was doing a good job.

Almost halfway of the pounding we switched place on the bed so we can get a better view of what was going “behind the scenes”. Beefcake Kane totally took charge of the fuck, even directing me at some points. He went as deep as he could. It was a fantastic long pounding for sure.

For the grand finale, he sat down again and between some sucking and fast hand job I squeezed his again abundant man jizz that went all over my face, I swallow and spit back some, I meant it was a lot! I hope you guys enjoy this video Nailed by Beefcake Kane.