BadPuppy – Jack Kross, Thyle Knoxx


Jack Kross wants Thyle Knoxx and he makes it completely clear from the beginning of the interview. They strip out of their shirts and Thyle pulls Jack to his knees. Thyle reaches down and unzips Jack’s pants letting his already hard cock poke out. Jack’s cock is standing straight up and there is this twinkle in his eye as Thyle drops to his knees and swallows its entire length. Thyle gives Jack an intense blowjob and this excites Jack even more. He wants to bury with his rock-hard cock in more than Thyle’s mouth. Thyle kneels onto the sofa with his bubble butt stick up waiting on Jack to fill his hole. Jack dives in face first shoving his tongue in and out of Thyle’s ass, priming it for his rather large piece of meat. Jack pushes his cock slowly at first; but, soon these two hot studs are rocking intensely back and forth with Thyle grinding hard against Jack. These two commence fucking in just about every conceivable position; but my favorite is when Jack turns Thyle upside down on the sofa with Jack standing over him driving his cock deep into Thyle’s ass while he’s jacking Thyle’s cock. Jack continues the ass-pounding with Jack on his back, legs in the air and as Thyle grabs his cock he blows a thick messy load of jizz all over his tight abs. Jack pulls out just in time to spray his cum all over Thyle’s ass, balls and cock. Completely spent the two roll over on the sofa and with their still-hard dicks in their hands they offer a few parting comments for the audience.