BadPuppy – FX Rios


Hot Latin stud FX Rios finishes his interview where we learn this is his first ever solo performance. He admitted to being a little nervous when he first arrived; but he said that soon went away. FX finishes his interview and pulls his shirt off over his head. He begins playing with his nipples and one hand drops down to rub the bulge growing in his pants. He pulls off his pants leaving FX sitting there in a hot, bright blue, jock-strap. He puts his thumb in the band of the jock-strap and pulls it down exposing his plump piece of meat. FX grabs his big, uncut cock, spits on it and begins playing with it. His cock grows long and hard very quickly. He spreads his legs, lies back on the sofa and gets to jacking his dick. FX reaches up and squeezes his nipples with his free hand sending him over the edge. His balls almost completely disappear as his breathing deepens and FX begins moaning. His entire body tenses up as his cock releases a thick load of cum coating his hand, cock and balls with its juicy goodness.