BadPuppy – Derek Cline


Derek Cline currently lives in New Jersey, but he would prefer to be in Santa Monica where all the hot guys are located, and he says he prefers the vibe there. Derek’s only been in the industry less than a year, realizing while he was still young that this could be his dream job. He emphatically loves sex and thought that being in the industry would be fun and exciting, plus, he’d get to have sex with guys who “know what they are doing”. Derek’s sexual fantasy would be to get a fuck machine attached to his big dildo; but unfortunately, that’ll have to be part of a future shoot. Derek finishes the interview and slides off his shirt. One hand begins tweaking his nipples, the other begins rubbing his cock thru his pants. Soon, both hands disappear beneath his pants and he pulls out his long, thick cock with some of the heaviest looking nuts I’ve seen in a while. He slips off his pants, grabs the lube and proceeds to lube up his dick. Derek starts by stroking really slow; but soon he going at it fast and furious. His cock is hard as a rock and watching Derek’s face tells me that he’s enjoying every stroke. He begins breathing very deeply as his balls get really tight and with the final strokes Derek drains his dick of every last drop of available