BadPuppy – Derek Cline & Jacob Conar

We join Derek Cline already shoving his tongue deep into Jacob Conar’s mouth. Derek slides onto Jacob’s lap where he takes off his shirt. Jacob leans forward and begins licking and biting at Derek’s nipples. Derek’s eyes reveal just how much he’s enjoying it. Jacob rolls Derek onto the sofa, strips off his shirt and proceeds to grind crotches as the two continue kissing. Jacob grabs one of Derek’s feet and starts kissing and licking at Derek’s toes. Derek slides his pants off, he rolls back, pulling his knees back to his ears and Jacob buries his face deep into Derek’s ass. Jacob’s tongue works over-time priming Derek’s hole. Jacob strips off his pants, grabs his thick cock and shoves it slowly but purposefully into Derek’s ass. The two fuck for a couple of minutes; but, Derek decides he wants to suck on Jacob’s cock. He turns around and swallows Jacob’s entire length and then Jacob proceeds to face-fuck Derek. Jacob gets back up behind Derek, shoves his dick back into Derek’s hole and goes about pounding the hell out of Derek’s ass. Jacob is the first to lose it. He pulls out of Derek’s ass and jacks his rock-hard cock until he blows a thick, messy load all over Derek’s cock and balls. Jacob re down and begins fingering Derek’s hole while Derek jerks himself off. Derek’s nuts and entire body soon tighten as he squirts his jizz all the way up to his pecs.